About MCSA Youth

The youth section of the Malaysian Ceylonese Saivites Association has been actively serving Sri Kandaswamy Kovil (Jalan Scott) for many decades. Since its humble beginning, the Youths have been devoting themselves to the temple by helping with the organization of festival as well as its execution.

In the past decade, MCSA Youth has done more than just serving Lord Muruga in his palace. Alongside temple work, MCSA Youth’s Bhajan group serenades Lord Muruga on special occasions such as Sivarathri and Navarathri. On top of that, temple cleaning is done semiyearly, where every nook and cranny of Lord Muruga’s palace is scrubbed and shined with love.

Without limiting themselves to merely serving Lord Muruga himself, MCSA Youth believe in serving His children as well. In that spirit, they lend their hands to the Vivegananda Margam by delivering household provisions to the less fortunate on a monthly basis. They also hold annual visits to children’s orphanage during Deepavali season, bringing food, clothes, fun activities and the festive joy to the young ones.

Moreover, the youth of this generation has taken a liking to the world beyond four walls. An annual Nature’s Camp is organized by MCSA Youth, catering specifically for teenagers, transforming them from single players to team players while allowing them to experience the lush greenery outside the hustle and bustle of city life. As for the MCSA Youth members, outdoor activities such as paintball, hiking, and jungle trekking are held occasionally.

To stay fit, the Youths get their blood pumping with weekly dosages of futsal and badminton friendlies. To relax an unwind, the Youths hold quarterly potluck parties hosted by members and indulge in annual year end trips at selected local destinations such as Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill and so on.

This is the gist of what the MCSA Youth Section does when they aren’t scrubbing pillars and running after Soorans with Lord Muruga on their shoulders. If these kind of activities float your boat, please feel free to drop us an email at mcsayouth@srikandaswamykovil.org or simply just come down to Scott Road and join in the fun. Like the saying goes, the more the merrier!

:: Kanthan Paadham Kanavilum Thunaiseyyum ::