Dear Devotees,

Yanthira Pooja will be performed for 48 days prior to the Maha Kumba Abishegam (30 March 2020).

Devotees who wish to participate in this ubayam can make the payment of RM1,501.00 to the “Tabung Pengurusan Rumah Ibadat Kuil Sri Kandaswamy Kuala Lumpur”. This payment would be treated as a Tax Exempt Donation for Income Tax purposes.

This payment includes the Abishegam, Pooja, Homam, Arcchanai and Prasatham.

Click HERE to view the available dates for Yanthira Pooja.

For more information or to make a payment, please contact the Temple office at 03-2274 2987.

Kanthan Paatham Kanavillum Thunai Seiyum



Yanthira generally means ‘that which causes things to act’.

Yanthirams are thin flat sheets or plates made of gold, silver, or copper. Yanthirams are capable of drawing in and holding the power of manthras, which ultimately empowers the Temple.

Yanthira Poojaas are the means by which the Yanthirams are made to become completely charged with divine power. This is achieved by chanting the respective manthras repeatedly, and engraving these manthras on the Yanthirams.

It is for the above reason that abishegam, poojaa, homam, arcchanai and jabam are performed for Yanthirams for a period known as Mandalam, which is not less than 48 days.

When this Yanthira Poojaa is completed, the Yanthirams will be place below the deities. They impart graceful vibrations to the deities, and the deities radiate divine vibrations filled with the grace of Almighty.