Dear Devotees,

The 2018 MAHOTCHAVA FESTIVAL (Kodietra Thiruvizhaa) at Scott Road Temple will be celebrated from 19th to 29th May 2018, with its preliminary rituals starting on 18th May 2018. This grand Flag-Raising festival will be celebrated daily, both in the mornings and evenings, over its 10 days. We invite all devotees to participate in this majestic festival and obtain the blessings of the Almighty.

Key Events:

18/5 – Preliminary Rituals

19/5 – Flag Raising Ceremony; Maha Yaaga Pooja Starts; Mayil Vaahanam Procession

20/5 – Special Poojas; Gaja Vaahanam Procession

21/5 – Special Poojas; Rishaba Vaahanam Procession

22/5 – Special Poojas; Kamathenu Vaahanam Procession

23/5 – Special Poojas; Kuthirai Vaahanam Procession

24/5 – Special Poojas; Kailasa Vaahanam Procession

25/5 – Special Poojas; Thirumancham Procession

26/5 – Special Poojas; Vehttai Thiruvizhaa; Sapparam Procession

27/5 – Special Poojas; Simmaasanam Procession; Chariot Festival; Alangkaara Peedam Procession

28/5 – Skanda Pushkarani Theerthochavam; Maha Yaaga Kumbha Abhishegam; Flag Lowering

28/5 – Poongaavana Thiruvizhaa (Garden Festival); Mela Kaccheri; Baratha Natyam

01/6 – Vairavar Ponggal; Special Pooja for Lord Vairavar


View the complete Pathirikai here: 

Mahotchava Festival 2018


Kanthan Paatham Kanavillum Thunai Seiyum.