Vaikaasi Visagam Festival 2017

:: Vaikaasi Visagam Festival, Wednesday, June 7, 2017 ::

Dear Devotees,

The Vaikaasi Visagam Festival will be observed on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. We invite all devotees to participate in this Festival and obtain the blessings of Sri Kanthavel Perumaan.


3.30 p.m. – Snabana Abishegam for Sri Sakthi Vel Peruman

5.30 p.m. – Evening Pooja, Special Pooja for Sri Sakthi Vel Peruman

« May the Good Lord Valli Theva Seena Sametha Shanmuga Subramaniayar shower His grace on all members, devotees and on all their loved ones »

:: Vaikasi Visagam – A Brief Explanation ::

Agni placed the six sparks from the third eye of each of the six faces of Trymbhaka in the Ganges. She washed them aside into a thicket of shara grass. These sparks became babies on the day of the Vishaaka asterism was conjoined with the full moon. This happened in the month of Vaikaasi. So this day, being Murukan’s birthday, is celebrated with special prayers. It is the annual festival at Murukan’s shrines like Thirucchenthoor, Swaami Malai and Viraali Malai. At the temple in Thiruvampar the gurupooja of Somaasi MaaRa Naayanaar is celebrated as a yaaga-festival. Beginning with the Aayilyam asterism, it is celebrated for ten days, the last day being Vaikaasi Vishaakam. It is worth noting that in that month Aayilyam falls on the sashdti tithi.

In our AruLmiku Sri Kandaswamy Temple in Jalan Scott, Kuala Lumpur, this festival is also celebrated on a grand scale as the main festival of the year or Brahmotsavam. This is a ten-day festival completed with the Theertthat Thiruvil(z)aa (literally the Bathing Festival) on the day of Vaikaasi Vishaakam.

From the book titled, The Worship of Murukan by Dr. (Mrs.) Devapoopathy Nadarajah