Sukkira Vaara Festival 2016

Sukkira Vaara Festival 2016

Dear Devotees,

During the auspicious month of Aipasi, the Sukkira Vaara Festival would be observed with special abishegam and pooja. We invite all devotees to participate in the auspicious festival and obtain the gracious blessings of Lord Sakthivel Perumaan.

:: All the seven days of the week have individual significance, but the one special for Murukan is Friday. The KanthapuraaNam verse explains its significance and benefits thus:-

Among the seven days of the week, each with unique merits,

Only the Friday fast is that of the Generous One Who saved

The world of the devas. Besides, the wise who observes it

Obtain easily everything their hearts desire.

This fast is most beneficial if begun on the first Friday of the month of Aippasi (October to November) and observed continuously for 12 months or 12 years. It may also be noted that if counted beginning with Sunday, Friday is the sixth day of the week. ::

  • The worship of Murukan, Dr. (Mrs.) Devapoopathy Nadarajah

« May the Good Lord Valli Theva Seena Sametha Shanmuga Subramaniayar shower His grace on all members, devotees and on all their loved ones »