12 hour Shanmuga Kavasam Recital

Dear Devotees,

The students and well-wishers of the late Smt. Vijayalakshmi Kulaveerasingam are organizing a 12-hour recital of the Shanmuga Kavasam at the Sri Kandaswamy Kovil, Lorong Scott, Brickfields. Please feel free to join us in this enlightening event. Light refreshments will be served.

The schedule for the 12 hour Shanmuga Kavasam is as follows:

1st round – 8.00 a.m – 10.15 a.m
2nd round – 10.30 – 11.45 a.m


3rd round – 12.45 p.m –  2.00pm
4th round – 2.15p.m – 3.30 p.m
5th round – 3.45 p.m – 5.00 p.m
6th round – 5.15 p.m – 6.30 p.m

Evening pooja 6.30 p.m to 7.30 p.m

Devotional songs 7.30 p.m to 8.00 p.m

‘Kanthan Paatham Kanavillum Thunai Seiyum’

A Note on The Shanmuga Kavasam:

Arulmigu Pamban Kumaragurudasa Swamigal, who lived in the recent past, was a scholar, saint and an illustrious devotee of Lord Muruga. The Shanmuga Kavasam is the foremost composition of Pamban Swamigal in 1891. It consists of 30 powerful, mystic hymns for the benefit of Humanity. These sacred verses invoke the perennial Grace of Our Lord Muruga and His Invincible Vel to protect, as an effective shield (Kavasam) the several parts of our Body and Mind from our foes, wild beasts, poisonous reptiles and insects, diseases of all kinds and from distress or trials at any time in our mundane existence. If they are recited with heart and soul, with full devotion to our Lord six times a day the results have been found to be marvelous.

This is an attempt to resume the tradition initiated by Smt. Vijayalakshmi in 1994 and thereafter conducted annually at her residence until her untimely demise in 2009. Smt. Vijayalakshmi was a devout baktha of Lord Murugan. Her devotion to Lord Murugan deepened when she came under the grace of the great sage and saint, His Holiness Kirupanantha Variyar, whom she accompanied (on the violin) on his Katha Kalashebams throughout the country and Singapore, in the 1960s. His lasting legacy to her was the gift of Pamban Swamigal’s Shanmuga Kavasam. In the early 1990s her desire to impart the benefits of reciting the Kavasam deepened and having already set the melody for the 30 verses, she began to teach this to her students. Commencing with regular monthly recitals at temples and well aware of the efficacy and power of the 30 verses of the Kavasam repeated 6 times, the urge to initiate a continuous 12-hour recital (6 rounds of 6 repetitions) took root culminating in the first of such events in 1994.