The Kantha Sashti Festival – Part 7 (The Significance of the Skantha Sashti Fast)

The Significance of the Fast

It can be seen that if devotees who observe the Kantha Sashti Fast desire to gradually acquire spiritual wisdom by being released from the impurities (the three impurities: egotism,good and bad deeds, and (maayaa) bond) by God’s grace, their desire will be granted. The stability of one’s blissful state is proportional to the amount of spiritual wisdom one gains and also to the extent of putting the wisdom to practice. Apart from the acquisition of spiritual wisdom, if one wants to get married or beget a child, etc., Lord Muruhan will definitely fulfill their needs, because Lord Muruhan never fails to fulfill His devotees’ needs.

* Kanthan Paatham Kanavillum Thunai Seiyum *